When security is your highest priority, you can count on VEXSL

If you’re shipping expensive items, like artwork, precious metals and stones and jewellery, we understand how critical security is from the moment it’s packed – to the moment it arrives. VEXSL Secure Shipments is designed specifically to ensure the safe and secure shipping of high-value, high-risk goods requiring unique handling.

Our team has years of experience in shipping high-value, high-risk products across Canada and has a keen sense of best practices. We offer a range of shipping solutions, including air and ground transportation, that are fully customizable to meets your unique needs and budget.

Here is our expert guide to shipping high-value, high-risk products securely in Canada

1. Choose a reliable shipper like VEXSL

Choosing the right carrier is crucial when it comes to shipping high-value, high-risk products securely. Work with a carrier that has a proven track record of reliability and security. Look for carriers that have experience in handling high-value, high-risk products, and ask for references from other businesses that have used their services.

2. Use proper packaging

Proper packaging is essential to ensure the safety and security of your products during transit. Use sturdy, double-walled boxes and padding materials like bubble wrap or foam peanuts to protect your items from damage. Label your packages with “fragile” and “handle with care” stickers to indicate that they contain delicate items.

3. Insure your packages

Insurance is a must-have when shipping high-value, high-risk products. In case of loss, theft, or damage during transit, insurance provides financial protection. Choose an insurance policy that covers the full value of your products.

4. Ensure Complete Visibility

Tracking and monitoring your packages provide real-time information about their whereabouts and status. Choose a carrier like VEXSL that offers tracking and monitoring services, so that you can keep know where your product is, and its status at all times.

What is a high-risk, high-value shipment?

The VEXSL Secure Shipment is designed for products like:
• Artwork
• Firearms and ammunition
• Precious metals & stones
• Jewellery, pearls and watches
• Pharmaceuticals
• Fine wines, alcohol & spirits
• Currencies

What is the shipper’s responsibility?

You have a responsibility to ensure that your shipment complies with all applicable rules and regulations and is acceptable for transport (packaged appropriately, properly identified and labeled and accompanied by all required documentation).

Don’t require a full truckload trailer?

We provide flexibility with our Secure Less Than Truckload service, saving you money and hassle. We ship your product direct to our facility or your final destination, ensuring it arrives securely.

Don’t leave the security of your high-value, high-risk products to chance!

Contact us today to learn more about our shipping solutions and how we can help you ship your products securely in Canada.