SECURE Pharmaceuticals
From life-saving medications to emergency equipment, VEXSL has you covered.

With years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the equipment, compliance and procedures required to securely ship pharmaceutical products. VEXSL ensures your pharmaceutical shipment has the proper packaging, temperature control (if required), and documentation to comply with strict Health Canada regulations. So, you can rest at ease that your precious shipment will arrive when, where, and how it needs to.

Here is our expert guide to shipping pharmaceutical products securely in Canada

1. Choose a reliable shipper like VEXSL

When shipping pharmaceuticals in Canada, it is important to use a trusted carrier with experience in handling sensitive products. A reputable carrier will have the necessary equipment and procedures in place to ensure that your pharmaceutical products are transported safely and securely.

2. USE Proper Packaging

Pharmaceuticals must be packaged properly to ensure that they are not damaged or compromised during transport. The packaging used for pharmaceuticals should be designed to protect the products from shock and vibration. It should also be tamper-evident, meaning that it is obvious if the package has been opened or tampered with.

3. Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Temperature-controlled shipping is essential for many pharmaceutical products, especially those that require refrigeration or freezing. Temperature-controlled shipping ensures that the products are kept at the appropriate temperature throughout shipment, which is essential for maintaining their efficacy and safety.

4. Proper Documentation

Proper documentation is essential when shipping pharmaceuticals in Canada. All pharmaceutical products must be accompanied by detailed documentation that includes information such as the product name, lot number, and expiry date. This documentation ensures that the products are tracked and accounted for throughout the entire shipping process.

5. Compliance with Health Canada Regulations

All parties involved in the shipment of pharmaceuticals in Canada must comply with Health Canada regulations. This includes following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines, which outline the standards for the manufacture and transportation of pharmaceuticals in Canada. Compliance with these regulations is essential for ensuring that pharmaceuticals are transported safely and securely.

By following these best practices, you can ensure that your pharmaceutical products are shipped safely and securely, and that they arrive at their destination in the same condition they were in when they left your facility.

What is the shipper’s responsibility?

You have a responsibility to ensure that your shipment complies with all applicable rules and regulations and is acceptable for transport (packaged appropriately, properly identified and labeled and accompanied by all required documentation).

Don’t require a full truckload trailer?

We provide flexibility with our Secure Less Than Truckload service, saving you on cost and hassle. We ship your product direct to our facility or your final destination, ensuring it arrives securely.

Don’t leave the security of your pharmaceutical products to chance!

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