SECURE Cannabis
Safe, secure, discreet. That’s the VEXSL difference.

VEXSL offers secure shipping solutions for cannabis products to ensure that they arrive safely and discreetly at their destination, while adhering to federal regulations. Our team has extensive experience in the industry and is committed to providing top-notch service. We provide complete visibility, with the necessary lighting and temperature control measures, for any type of cannabis: fresh, frozen or dry – ensuring quality at all costs.

Here is our expert guide to shipping cannabis securely in Canada

1. Choose a reliable shipper like VEXSL

It is recommended that you use a reputable shipping provider that offers tracking and insurance. This will help to ensure that your shipment arrives safely and you are protected in the event of any issues during transit. At VEXSL, we provide complete visibility and temperature-controlled measures, and can ship any type of cannabis: fresh, frozen or dry. Our fleet is equipped with the necessary lighting and climate control measures to commercially ship cannabis clones and/or live plants, ensuring quality at all costs.

2. Know the regulations

It is important to understand that cannabis is still a controlled substance in Canada and is subject to strict regulations. This means that it is illegal to transport cannabis across international borders or to ship it to destinations outside of Canada. However, it is legal to ship cannabis within Canada, as long as certain guidelines are followed.


Health Canada, the regulatory agency responsible for overseeing the cannabis industry in Canada, has specific guidelines for the packaging and labeling of cannabis products. These guidelines are designed to ensure that cannabis products are shipped safely and securely and that they are properly identified and tracked throughout the shipping process.

3. Use proper packaging

When shipping cannabis, it is important to use discreet packaging to avoid attracting unwanted attention. This means using plain, unmarked boxes or envelopes that do not indicate the contents of the package. Additionally, all cannabis products must be labelled with the proper warnings and instructions, including the product name, THC/CBD content, and any potential allergens or side effects.

4. Consider legal implications

In addition to following the guidelines for packaging and shipping cannabis, it is also important to consider the legal implications of shipping cannabis. While cannabis is legal in Canada, there are still restrictions on where and how it can be consumed. It is important to ensure that your shipment complies with all local and provincial regulations and that you are not shipping cannabis to areas where it is not allowed.

What is the shipper’s responsibility?

You have a responsibility to ensure that your shipment complies with all applicable rules and regulations and is acceptable for transport (packaged appropriately, properly identified and labeled and accompanied by all required documentation).

Don’t require a full truckload trailer?

We provide flexibility with our Secure Less Than Truckload service, saving you on cost and hassle. We ship your product direct to our facility or your final destination, ensuring it arrives securely.

Don’t leave the security of your cannabis products to chance!

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