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Edmonton International Airport Announces Participation In VEXSL’s Hydrogen Project Leveraging Hydra Energy’s Dual-Fuel Technology

March 8, 2023

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) has announced the “VEXSL Hydrogen Project” at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention. The project is a collaboration between EIA, secure logistics specialists Veteran Express Secure Logistics (VEXSL), and Hydra Energy. It aims to convert diesel trucks to co-combust with hydrogen using Hydra Energy’s retrofit solution. This marks the first hydrogen collaboration of its kind in Canada and includes the conversion of VEXSL trucks to run on low-carbon hydrogen for up to 40% of the time without impacting performance or warranties. The project also involves the establishment of hydrogen fuelling infrastructure at EIA’s land and contributions from the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) for the infrastructure and performance measurements.


The VEXSL Hydrogen Project addresses the need to reduce emissions in the heavy-duty trucking industry, which accounts for a significant portion of road-related emissions in Canada. By providing a viable and economical clean trucking solution, the project aims to help fleet operators reduce their environmental impact. The collaboration between EIA, VEXSL, and Hydra Energy exemplifies the importance of industry partnerships in advancing hydrogen trucking and decarbonization efforts. The project is set to commence on July 1, 2022, and is expected to result in a significant reduction in emissions for each converted truck.


EIA’s commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated through other partnership announcements made at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention, including the conversion of its own air-side vehicles in collaboration with Hydra Energy. The airport aims to extend its sustainability reach beyond its operations to support local fleets in reducing their environmental impact. The VEXSL Hydrogen Project represents a step towards achieving net-zero emissions in the trucking industry and highlights the significance of collaboration, technological advancements, and supportive government policies in the decarbonization journey.


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