We at VEXSL are passionate about the strength and protection of our communities around the globe. VEXSL was founded in 2018 by Cole Fouillard with a deep visionary mindset of purposely employing and utilizing the strengths and experience of Military Veterans and First Responders after their careers to provide a deeper level of selfless commitment to the communities they live in. Starting in 2020 with the launch of secure shipping solution, VEXSL pushed forward to establish a brand and a professional service offering of premium quality. During the wildfires and flooding disaster of 2021 and 2023, many looked to VEXSL to provide a much needed community protection solution for when communities are evacuated and left vulnerable. Out of necessity and a call to action, VEXSL went to work on creating what is now offered as Disasterfield Logistics. Our goal is to leverage the experience of our employed Military Veterans and former First Responders to bring cutting-edge technologies utilized and proven on the battlefield to the disaster response space and enhance the capabilities of the disaster response teams and ensure everyone has the tools to come home safe.

Our goal is simple…. Protect those who protect our communities while offering purposeful employment opportunities to Military Veterans – This is why we found it fitting to hos the tag tine of


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